WA HE LUT Indian School welcomes students who are enrolled members or descendants of a federally recognized tribe, to the extent space and funds are available. The Registrar will assist parents/guardians with enrollment of each child and insure that all required documentation is complete and procedures are followed.

The following documents are required to complete enrollment at WA HE LUT Indian School:

New Students

  • Enrollment Packet
  • Emergency Information Form
  • Student-Parent-School Compact
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Certification of Indian Blood or Tribal Enrollment Documentation
  • Immunization Record
  • Previous School Records

The registration process requires a minimum of three days to complete the following:

  • Review by Special Services Director, Counselor, Dean of Students, and Principal
  • Set up transportation
  • Enter enrollment into Native America Student Information System (NASIS)
  • Set up student’s individual schedule
  • Enter enrollment into Washington State Data Systems
  • Notification of start date to teachers, parents/guardian, and student

Students must be fully potty trained and 5 years of age by December 1st to enter kindergarten.

Returning Students

New enrollments will not be accepted after the 12th day of any quarter or after the start of the third quarter for the year. Students who have been suspended must serve the suspension in its entirety at the school from which they were suspended before consideration for admission will be given, subject to School Board review. Students not enrolled in a federally recognized tribe or their descendants may be accepted on a case by case basis after a review by the Wa He Lut Indian School Board.