Student Expectations

The future of our community is dependent on the Leadership created by the students of the WA HE LUT Indian School.


Appropriate behavior is expected from all students. Inappropriate behavior creates disruption and a substandard learning environment which can affect others. This creates a hardship for the students, the school, and the Tribe as a whole. WA HE LUT Indian School strives to attain an educational experience that is about standards and that treats the community with respect and value.

School Values

  •    Be knowledgeable of our values and goals
  •    Treat others the way you would want to be treated
  •    Be kind, helpful, and respectful
  •    Be responsible and safe
  •    Learn from experience

Classroom Expectations

Student classroom expectations will be developed, discussed, and posted in each classroom. The students, teacher, and para professional will contribute to the classroom behavior expectations in each class. These expectations will emphasize the importance of behaviors that reflect respectful, responsible and safe actions.