Wa He Lut Indian School is a closed campus. Visitors are not permitted on campus without prior permission from an administrator. After permission is granted, a visitor’s pass must be obtained in the main office. The pass must be displayed at all times and returned to the office at the end of the visit/business. Visitors will not be allowed in classrooms or work areas without permission from the principal.


Prior to volunteering in the school, volunteers must:

  • Complete a volunteer application
  • Sign a release
  • Meet with the principal for approval
  • Complete a background check and drug screening

At no time will visitors or volunteers have unsupervised contact with students. Contact the school for more information about becoming a volunteer.


Contractors shall provide assurances that all persons working for them on Wa He Lut Indian School campus that may have contact with students have taken and passed a drug test and background check before the employees arrive.