Petting Farm, October 2019

Wa He Lut students go to the Schilter Family Farm where they go for a ride in the hay truck, pet animals, run through a corn maze, and pick out a pumpkin! This is an annual field trip for all students in grades K-5.

two kindergarten girls holding kittens
One kindergartner cuddling a kitten
Kindergartner picking out the perfect pumpkin
Barn decorated with bales of hay and white lights
Kindergartner preparing to slide
Kindergartner going down the slide
student visiting the ponies
boy popping up behind a hay bale
students getting instructions from the teachers
girl in the cage with the goats, petting the goat.
Students choosing pumpkins.
2nd grader in the petting area
student petting a small goat
student petting an animal
3rd grader and his pumpkin.
student picking up a pumpkin in the field
third grader found a pumpkin!
boy holding a kitten
students petting a cow.
students picking out pumpkins
finding the right pumpkin in the field!
students and teacher on top of a pyramid of hay bales
students riding the wagon at the farm
Kids crammed into a little building looking out the window